Conigital and MCAV exhibit with Westfield Technology Group’s Driverless Pod at Cheltenham Science Festival

On the 8-9 of June, Conigital and MCAV exhibited at the Cheltenham Science Festival held at the Cheltenham Town Hall.  The 6 day festival which recently took place 5 – 10 June brought together some of the greatest scientific minds in the UK. Other exhibitors included: GCHQ, Oxford University Medical Research and EDF Energy.

The aim of Cheltenham Science Festival was to promote the STEM subjects, (“Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), for children, families and the elderly.

BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones hosted ‘A Driverless Future’ panel session joined by Legal Technologist Emma Wright, Human Factors Specialist Natasha Merat and Autonomous Robotics expert Paul Newman as they attempted to navigate the questions and concerns raised on the road towards a driverless future.

The session was interactive, discussing the benefits of autonomous vehicles for the public as well as addressing concerns relating to driverless vehicles.

On Saturday 9 June, Conigital exhibited with Westfield Technology Group’s driverless pod, to which visitors had the opportunity to sit inside the driverless vehicle. Conigital interacted with the public with their Virtual Reality Showroom of Conigital POD’s, their proposed Fleet Management System, their Semi Autonomous Drone which has object detection and finally their Indoor Positioning System which is accurate to 10cm.

Prem Moti, Partner at Conigital said, “Conigital were delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit and connect with an age group we normally do not have access to. A child’s thought process often provides a unique perspective, unlimited to their imagination. Two of the most notable compliments we received was that our exhibition was ‘a million times better than school’ and ‘why can’t we have it now’. Children and adults left with a positive view of autonomous vehicles, their benefits and were keen to use them.”

Al Clarke, Marketing & Communications at Meridian Mobility UK, co-exhibited alongside Conigital and stated, “‘We’re at the home of a science festival with some incredibly bright minds. It’s a chance to engage with the public and in the past week, Meridian have had over 1,000 people taking the opportunity to draw their version of self driving technology. It is exciting to meet fresh bright minds and experienced scientists to talk to them about what this technology brings to society.”

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