Actioning the introduction of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars still have a long way to come in the industry, however with the governments help they’re on the right track to progressing. The governments help and funding will help towards educating those of the benefits of autonomous vehicles as well as persuading companies as to why autonomous cars will benefit and improve the [...]
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Misconceptions of autonomous cars…

They’re unsafe A misconception often made, which scares people about driverless cars is the safety aspect. The ideology that passengers should be able to take control at any point during the journey in case of an accident in order to ensure safety. Driverless cars however have 4 levels of autonomy which ranges dependant on what type of autonomous [...]

The Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference – Part Two

The second half of the day was a choice between Economy & Environment. I chose environment as I was curious of some of the solutions to help fuel emissions and reducing our carbon footprint in research stages that may soon hit our cities. Paul Goodman from Newcastle University pitched the’ Newcastle C-ITS Smart Corridor’ project, [...]
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A Peak in the Industry; UK & Globally…

As autonomous vehicles come as a revolutionised method of travel, a peak in the industry comes with the success of this highly wrought evolution. Prominent companies, such as Intel, have made predictions of a $7 trillion a year industry by 2050. (Tovey, 2017) Due to the fact they are still perceived as a significant advancement [...]

Trams – the future of the West Midlands

Photo Credit: metrogogo – Flickr The last 20 years has seen the West Midlands go to great lengths to offer a light transport route for its urban population, none more so than the opening in 1999 of the Midland Metro tram.  This travel option which is deemed as an environmentally friendly option, runs mainly along […]