Air Transportation

The Future of Air Transportation

The concept of driverless vehicles has blown our minds! As we continue our countdown to the MCAV ‘future of transport’ event (just 5 days remaining!!) our minds have escaped us and we have dared to dream of technology beyond driverless cars. Perhaps because autonomous cars have crept on us, and we have not had time [...]
Other countries in driverless race

Driverless cars: What are other countries doing?

There is no question that the concept of driverless vehicles has become an international discussion. The battle for first place (i.e. the country who will have driverless technology first) is heating up and the world is awaiting what could be the biggest change of our generation. We are excited that the MCAV ‘future of transport’ [...]


Nick Comley Head of Social Finance & Business Development Nick Comley is a SFEDI Gold Accredited social enterprise business support advisor and has previously worked at senior management level for Majestic Wine. Nick advises the Beacon Centre on prospective social investments and social enterprise business development. “I love working for such an innovative and progressive [...]

A life in the day of a POD commuter – part one

8:00 am The alarm wakes me, and I get out of bed. My smartphone reminds me that today is Friday, 27th June 2025: 8 years to the day since transport was revolutionised at the prestigious and historic MCAV event, aptly titled ‘the future of transport.’ I am then reminded to meet Rich, Rose and Emma [...]
MCAV Event Conigital

Introducing… The POD!

As we get closer to the MCAV ‘future of transport’ event on the 27th June, the excitement is building! As we contemplate a driverless future, it makes us consider what technological features autonomous vehicles will have, and how they will operate. The concept of roads and motorways full of driverless vehicles also makes one wonder what the [...]
Green Incentives

Green incentives for UK cities

To many people, the concept of driverless vehicles sounds like a pipe dream, and an unrealistic proposition. Many motorists around the UK love driving their vehicles at every opportunity, and are so immersed in tradition that convincing them to change their driving habits will be near impossible. As we approach the MCAV ‘future of transport’ [...]
Global Race

The global race for driverless cars – where do we stand?

In previous articles, we have covered key areas connected to the driverless vehicle industry, including financial, environmental and employment factors. We hope that you have enjoyed reading the information as much as we have enjoyed publishing it! Now that you have a taste for the revolutionary future of transport, you may well wonder when it [...]