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What is a Driverless Vehicle?

The concept of a driverless vehicle has existed in the minds of sci-fi film and cartoon viewers for years. The Autobots in the Transformers, or KITT in Knight Rider are examples of how producers envisage future transport to be. But how close are we to making those fantasies a reality?

The Conigital Group are working with several partners to bring the dream of driverless vehicles to life. The autonomous POD is designed to transport people across cities and towns – removing the need for standard automobiles.

Eliminating automobiles has numerous benefits. Pollution and congestion will be reduced, and lives will be saved – not only by removing traffic accidents, but the general condition of our planet will be improved as we use less fossil fuels. Driverless vehicles use solar power, a sustainable form of energy which will preserve the health of our planet for years.

Now that we have the technology, it is time to start making our lives easier. Removing cars from the road and travelling from A to B without stress is the first step on this journey.

By Neil Phipps

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