Past Events

Smart Devices of 2025: March 27th This inaugural event of the revamped ‘Future Devices and Technologies’ Group will explore radical ideas for the devices of the future and their impact on our lives. Read More

Battling AIs against each other – is this the future? March 13th It’s easy to think of deep learning as just something which chews on a load of data and makes a classification – the photo contains a dog, the audio waveform contains the world ‘hello’. But in recent years, a rapidly evolving approach called ‘Generative Adversarial Networks’ (GANs), which pits one AI against another to improve learning, has allowed deep learning to create new, highly-realistic outputs. Read More

MCAV Cluster Seminar and Dinner: March 8th 














Following on from the success of MCAV’s inaugural event in June, we are delighted to be hosting the MCAV dinner at Icentrum showcasing key companies, projects and figures from the driverless vehicle sector. View the Event Agenda here and to see the delegate list click hereRead More

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 4Manufacturing: March 7th The manufacturing landscape is radically changing and the fourth industrial revolution which is happening now has resulted in a need for significant change within the sector to capitalise on the opportunities #4IR brings. Read More

Turbocharge Your Innovation and Scale-up Your Business: March 2nd The New Anglia Growth Hub, together with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) are hosting a free masterclass aimed at companies that are growing or have potential to scale, using or developing new technology or investing in research and innovation. Read More

Microsoft AI Software Workshop (Hands-on): March 1st Microsoft are one of the key players with a full range of technologies ranging from simple AI-based APIs to Bots, Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network software. In this hands on workshop, Microsoft experts will take you through the full range of services within Microsoft’s AI platform. Read More

Transport Cafe: February 28th The TSC’s Transport Cafe explores exciting developments in the Intelligent Mobility and Transport Innovation sector, and will also offer support and guidance. You will also have the chance to network with the TSC team and other businesses from within the industry. Read More

Innovating for Growth – Workshop for SMEs: February 28th This workshop will explore how you can drive growth through an innovative culture. It will concentrate on how you can transform your organisation through your choices around leadership, culture, and strategy. It will introduce you to tools and techniques that you can utilise to take your growth to new levels. Read More

Innovation-led Procurement – Lessons from Wave Energy Scotland: February 22nd, Time: 12:00-15:00 The event is aimed at learning from Tim Hurst, CEO, Wave Energy Scotland how the West Midlands can develop more approaches to innovation-led procurement using local procurement to drive innovation to market approaches. Wave Energy Scotland has focussed on developing a circular economy that strengthens the supply chains located there enhancing overall cluster robustness. To book please email Beverley.Nielsen@bcu.ac.uk

Blockchain Disruption in Transport: February 22nd Implications and opportunities of Blockchain will be explored in areas such as Data Sharing, Mobility as a Service, Connected and Autonomous Transport, Freight and Logistics and Digital Engineering and personalised transport provision. Read More

“ML Gotcha” – heroic stories from deploying commercial machine learning applications: Febraury 15th This first byte sized event on February 15th at the Bradfield Centre will cover real world examples of deploying commercial machine learning; examining the user experience aspects of AI, as well as exploring closed source tools.  With AI in the news almost every day now, there is an urgent need for us all to become better informed, and to be able to separate the hype from reality for the benefit of the businesses we represent. Read More

Energy Harvesting in CAV’s and EV’s: February, 9th The focus of the event is to identify some of the challenges faced in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles with powering the remote sensing requirements, and discuss in small groups how some of them might be addressed by the use of self powered solutions, drawing their energy from ambient sources such as heat, vibration, light and motion. Read More