A life in the day of a POD commuter – part one

8:00 am The alarm wakes me, and I get out of bed. My smartphone reminds me that today is Friday, 27th June 2025: 8 years to the day since transport was revolutionised at the prestigious and historic MCAV event, aptly titled ‘the future of transport.’ I am then reminded to meet Rich, Rose and Emma [...]
MCAV Event Conigital

Introducing… The POD!

As we get closer to the MCAV ‘future of transport’ event on the 27th June, the excitement is building! As we contemplate a driverless future, it makes us consider what technological features autonomous vehicles will have, and how they will operate. The concept of roads and motorways full of driverless vehicles also makes one wonder what the [...]
Green Incentives

Green incentives for UK cities

To many people, the concept of driverless vehicles sounds like a pipe dream, and an unrealistic proposition. Many motorists around the UK love driving their vehicles at every opportunity, and are so immersed in tradition that convincing them to change their driving habits will be near impossible. As we approach the MCAV ‘future of transport’ [...]
Global Race

The global race for driverless cars – where do we stand?

In previous articles, we have covered key areas connected to the driverless vehicle industry, including financial, environmental and employment factors. We hope that you have enjoyed reading the information as much as we have enjoyed publishing it! Now that you have a taste for the revolutionary future of transport, you may well wonder when it [...]
The Environmental Impact

Driverless Cars: The Environmental Impact

Global warming is one of the hot topics regularly debated by British parliament and governments around the world. The concept is met with mixed reactions; some people believe that it is happening, some don’t. According to the Consensus project, 97% of climate papers produced agree that global warming is happening and is caused by humans. [...]
MCAV Event Conigital

Conigital & Partners launch the Midlands Connected Autonomous Vehicle Cluster (MCAV) and its first “Transport for the Future” conference

The Conigital Group – a transport infrastructure company that provides intelligent mobility platforms  and Artificial Intelligence solutions for driverless vehicles - with partner’s Birmingham Innovation Campus, TfWM, Westfield Sports Car, Beacon Centre for the Blind, Harper Adams University and Climate KIC will launch the Midlands Connected Autonomous Vehicle (MCAV) cluster dedicated to the new and [...]
Financial Implications

Autonomous vehicles: Financial implications

Technological innovation is often met with mixed emotions. On the one hand, we are excited and intrigued to be introduced to a new technological product, in anticipation of the unique functions it will perform. On the other, expensive asking prices put us off buying new technology, and we settle for what we have – unable [...]
Addressing the misconceptions

Addressing the misconceptions about driverless vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are set to revolutionise transport. Defining the concept, and analysing the impact on industry (see our previous articles) has prompted us to conduct some research regarding safety matters and we suspect that – as readers of our articles – you will have some concerns of your own. Perhaps you feel sceptical about how [...]