Trams – the future of the West Midlands

Photo Credit: metrogogo – Flickr The last 20 years has seen the West Midlands go to great lengths to offer a light transport route for its urban population, none more so than the opening in 1999 of the Midland Metro tram.  This travel option which is deemed as an environmentally friendly option, runs mainly along […]

How safe are autonomous vehicles?

Photo Credit -TheLeader DotInfo How safe can autonomous vehicles be? Is the misconception of driverless cars far from reality? Autonomous cars work in a way that they have a built-in technology that allows them to navigate and be aware of their environment without the need of a human driver. They have built in GPS, internal [...]

Why we should switch to Electric cars

Photo Credit: Justin Burt – Flickr Electric cars have always been at the heart of the new green environment that big companies have been researching to implement through our new technological evolution. Independent technology has already shown promise to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce our dependence on petroleum and diesel fuels. ‘From smarter direction tracking […]

Air Transportation

The Future of Air Transportation

The concept of driverless vehicles has blown our minds! As we continue our countdown to the MCAV ‘future of transport’ event (just 5 days remaining!!) our minds have escaped us and we have dared to dream of technology beyond driverless cars. Perhaps because autonomous cars have crept on us, and we have not had time [...]
Other countries in driverless race

Driverless cars: What are other countries doing?

There is no question that the concept of driverless vehicles has become an international discussion. The battle for first place (i.e. the country who will have driverless technology first) is heating up and the world is awaiting what could be the biggest change of our generation. We are excited that the MCAV ‘future of transport’ [...]


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