Government issues “road to zero” transport emissions policy

The Transport Secretary has set out the Government’s ambition to see at least half of new cars to be ultra low emission by 2030 as part of plans to “make the UK the best place in the world to build and own an electric vehicle”.

The proposals are outlined in its Road to Zero Strategy, which it says sets out plans to enable a massive expansion of green infrastructure across the country, reduce emissions from the vehicles already on the UK’s roads, and drive the uptake of zero emission cars, vans and trucks.

The Strategy outlines a push for charge points to be installed in newly built homes, where appropriate, while also helping fund the installation of charge points in existing homes.  It is wants new lampposts to include charging points, potentially providing a “massive expansion” of the plug-in network, and is creating a new £40 million programme to develop and trial innovative, low cost wireless and on-street charging technology.

It has repeated its commitment to end the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040 and says that the government will work alongside industry, businesses, academia, consumer groups, devolved administrations, environmental groups, local government and international partners to enable the deployment of one of the best electric vehicle infrastructure networks in the world and prepare for a greener future for the UK’s roads.

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