Geoff Cousins Insights in Jaguars Growth and Change at Digital Horizons

On Thursday 17th May, Geoff Cousins, Former Managing Director of Jaguar from 2006 – 2011 presented to a number of technology start up companies and entrepreneurs at the Digital Horizons event at Innovation Birmingham. Geoff Cousins, has had roles such as CFO of Jaguar North America as well as leading Jaguar UK as Managing Director, through the biggest transformation in its history.

He discussed how Brand Strategy, Product Innovation and Customer Experience were key elements, all underpinned by digital technologies and culture change. Geoff discussed his real-world experience in implementing digital strategy which created significant business value over his career. His aim was to move Jaguar away from the perception that they catered for ‘my Dad’s car’, to the younger population. In his time, he successfully increased market growth by 30%, while working with a ‘shoestring’ marketing budget, as he called it.

How did he do this you may ask? He needed to ‘survive to thrive’ in the market. It was a time that German engineering was progressing and it was a challenge to take an old fashioned car and make it appeal to the “hearts and minds” of current owners who are older while attracting young people.

The Inside Track, DHL’s Supply Chain’s specialist automotive sales and marketing services business, was developed as a solution. By supporting Jaguar employees around the world, this programme enabled accelerated growth of product launches, events and exhibitions to take place by ensuring the movement of vehicles by land, sea and air. This enabled the customer to feel a sense of community, by establishing an exclusivity, a club of their own to feel pride in when attending these events.

Geoff concluded that the future of driving will culminate in joint ventures and companies working together. In recent news, Jaguar Land Rover and Waymo are working collaboratively together to produce an autonomous vehicle that will leave the ‘traditional motor industry dead in the future’.