UK’s largest connected and autonomous vehicle project tackles city centre parking

The UK Autodrive project has been using public roads and car parks in Milton Keynes to show how connected and autonomous vehicles could make the search for parking spaces much easier in future.
Project partners Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) demonstrated on Thursday how cars could communicate with each other to notify drivers of available parking spaces – without the need for any additional parking bay sensors. Upon entering the car park, the cars get an updated heat map showing availability, while real-time updates from other connected cars show spaces filling and becoming vacant.
Jaguar Land Rover are also using the occasion to separately showcase their latest self-driving vehicle technology, with the Jaguar Land Rover vehicle demonstrating another future parking solution by successfully driving itself to an available car park bay before parking itself.
In times of heavy traffic congestion, it has been estimated that up to 30% of that traffic consists of vehicles looking for parking spaces*. The technology being trialled as part of the UK Autodrive project is intended to take the guesswork out of finding spaces by sending information about available spaces directly to connected or autonomous cars.

“Connected and autonomous vehicles are expected to bring a large number of social benefits, from improved road safety to an easing of traffic congestion due in part by a reduction in accidents. The possible benefits in terms of parking should also not be overlooked,” said Tim Armitage, Arup’s UK Autodrive Project Director

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Autodrive Jaguar Land Rover Discovery was exhibited at MCAV’s latest event, MCAV Seminar & Dinner 2018. Please click here to view our gallery.

Photo Credit: Zohair Ali

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