Latest funding for CAV testing and development

There are many companies and start ups in the CAV Industry promoting ways to fund autonomous vehicles and the surrounding areas behind that, for example, Cyber Security and AI development. Meridian, alongside MCAV, are just one company out of a whole CAV community striving to accelerate the autonomous industry.

Meridian will shortly announce the details of the next round competitions to develop the UK’s seamless network for testing and development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

In October 2017, the first investments to create the UK Testbed were announced with a £51 million commitment to develop four CAV testing facilities across five locations following an open competition for funding. This programme (Meridian Mobility 1) created the first integrated national CAV platform combining on-road, controlled and virtual testing and development facilities.

Dr Daniel Ruiz, CEO of Meridian said

We welcome participation from organisations in the automotive, telecommunications, transport infrastructure, mobility, simulation and analytics industries and others who may wish to engage with the opportunities that will be enabled with the latest grant funding programme.
‘In the coming days we will be inviting organisations to join us at briefing and collaboration events, and look forward to receiving applications for the funding competitions which will further develop the UK’s CAV testing and development capabilities’.

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Meridian are part of MCAV’s working eco system, click here to read MCAV’s press release on their CAV & V2G Funding Seminar & Cluster Dinner event on Thursday 8 March which provided insight into funding opportunities for the West Midlands & UK.


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