Actioning the introduction of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars still have a long way to come in the industry, however with the governments help they’re on the right track to progressing.

The governments help and funding will help towards educating those of the benefits of autonomous vehicles as well as persuading companies as to why autonomous cars will benefit and improve the safety of roads in the UK.

Earl of Selborne, the chairman of the House of Lords science and technology committee promised “taking action to close the engineering and digital skills gap” (www.parliament.uk, March 2017) to ensure the UK will benefit from autonomous cars.

Following on from this, in order to prepare for the deployment of driverless cars, large scale testing will take place in environments from urban cities, to rural countrysides in order to source problems across these environments resulting in the technology improving and perfected to work in every environment. By doing this, there will be less restrictions with autonomous cars, meaning almost everyone can use them.

There are regulatory reforms that will put the UK in the forefront of a technological revolution which means that driverless cars aim to be on the roads by 2012 (www.parliament.uk, 2017).

Conservative party politician, Phillip Hammond will provide £1bn for hi-tech projects which will improve the speed of getting driverless cars on the roads. £75m will go to research on artificial intelligence, £400m for electric car charging points and £100m to boost clean car sales.

By Summer Simmons

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photo credit: IngeKühn

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