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A Peak in the Industry; UK & Globally…

As autonomous vehicles come as a revolutionised method of travel, a peak in the industry comes with the success of this highly wrought evolution. Prominent companies, such as Intel, have made predictions of a $7 trillion a year industry by 2050. (Tovey, 2017)

Due to the fact they are still perceived as a significant advancement in the world, there is a demand for functionality, customisation and diversity in use, for those who would need the technology the most. Clearly the pace of driverless car testing in the UK shall increase very swiftly, as our government is now lobbing around large sums of money, while this peak in the industry increases. Furthermore, interest as well as competition between those companies whose aim is to make the most resourceful autonomous vehicle, is seen globally, where there are plenty of non–car companies that have continuously made investments in its growth.

Companies distinguished in other know-hows such as Apple, have announced their involvement in the autonomous vehicle build–up; knowing that their investments will impress the future passengers, together with buyers and investors, who would be happy invest for an advanced development.

Although the future will portray an even higher peak and interest, it is the conversation surrounding driverless cars now, that has caused a peak in the present. Several businesses are often encouraged by these future endorsements, due to the profit they will bring once autonomous vehicles are categorised as more than just an idea. This future is near enough for other corporations like, Uber and most famously Google; whose self–driving cars have driven millions of miles, as well as always being tested for more advancements.

It is known that the U.K. has been very enthusiastic, with our own transport minister John Hayes, hoping for the us to be number one in the production. The Government has indeed been active in supporting trials and future distribution of driverless vehicles, together with projects are proceeding in Bristol, Coventry, Greenwich and Milton Keynes. Legislation was introduced in Parliament to guarantee that vehicle insurance covers both the motorist when driving, as well as the car in its automated mode. “We want the UK to be the best place in the world to do business and a leading hub for modern transport technology, which is why we are introducing the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill in Parliament and investing more than £1.2 billion in the industry.” (GOV.UK, 2017)

By Grace Kinuthia

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