Top 5 reasons why society should transition to autonomous vehicles

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Autonomous cars are becoming more and more readily available for the everyday commuter and car user, however not everyone is aware of the benefits autonomous vehicles can provide for them.

Here are the top 5 reasons why society should transition to autonomous vehicles:

A cleaner environment

Up to 75% of carbon monoxide emission comes from vehicles. These emissions affect the environment which in turn adds to climate change. By switching to autonomous cars, fuel consumption will become as efficient as possible due to their navigation systems being made in a way that means they take the quickest routes in order to reduce travel time.

Better health

Not only does air pollution affect the health of commuters and pedestrians, but traffic affects your health in ways that you may not think of. The stress caused by congestion has been shown to increase blood pressure and anxiety, as well as decreasing your cardiovascular fitness and quality of sleep. With autonomous vehicles and their ability to source and take the quickest route will reduce congestion as that is what they aim to avoid. Also, as the driver the stress is passed on to you, however, with being the passenger this stress is reduced.

More free time

The beauty of autonomous cars is that you become the passenger as the cars do the driving. The ability to have to figure out which route is quicker and pay full attention to the roads and your surroundings frees up your time during travel for you to finish your makeup, complete any unfinished work before starting or even nap if you please.

Less traffic

Drivers spend up to 32 hours a year in traffic jams. Autonomous vehicles have the ability to access digital maps in order to determine the quickest routes to take in order to avoid congestion.

Safer streets

The risk of human error such as not paying attention to the road, drink driving and going on your phone whilst operating a vehicle is removed with the use of autonomous cars. This therefore reduces the risk of accidents on the roads due to there not being a human driver.

By Summer Simmons

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