Why we should switch to Electric cars

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Electric cars have always been at the heart of the new green environment that big companies have been researching to implement through our new technological evolution.

Independent technology has already shown promise to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce our dependence on petroleum and diesel fuels. ‘From smarter direction tracking to more efficient acceleration, we are sure to find benefits through the use of technology in our vehicles’ (Giarratana, 2016)

With congestion being a frequent occurrence in today’s traffic system, autonomous car technology would help keep cars moving, so less time and resources are spent in cars stuck in traffic. Electric self-driving cars would also communicate with different types of technologies, including environmental sensors, to see an improved efficiency and reduce congestion on our roadways. If our vehicles can implement eco-driving practices, energy use could be reduced by as much as 20% in most cases for each car on the road.

Along with many hybrid engines on the road today and some being battery powered, much research has shown, that as soon as 10 years from now we could be saying goodbye to the poisonous pollution that we inhale every day, and hello to a downgraded necessity for fuel and its consumption. Several significant cities such as London have very high levels of air pollution, resulting in a diminished quality of air, even causing countless pedestrians to feel the need to wear masks when outdoors. This is in order to avoid any reactions or side effects occurring from inhalation. Although fuel exhaust fumes are not the core source of this low air quality, they are a major contribution.

However, emissions that come from many new electrical cars would be completely clean, leading to a large reduction in emissions, a potential plummet in global warming and a positive enhancement on air quality. Once implemented, driverless electric cars would cut air pollution to almost zero.

Another benefit from this would be; the issues faced when parking in congested cities, where a vast majority of the public, have downloaded apps to assist in parking. These electric cars would have parking assistance, already installed into the navigating systems we currently use.

When driving in cities, the public face parking issues due to congestion. Another benefit from electric cars would be the integrated parking assistance app. This would come in handy as electricity is indeed, an easily re-productive energy.

In a nutshell, our new technology would lead to a cleaner, more productive world in which a parking space in London would not be the hassle of the day!

By Grace Kinuthia

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  • Fantastic words..this is the the best ever..electric cars would be ideal..well done Grace Kinuthia.

  • An eye openner and very informative narrative. Hopefully the time scope be halved by sharing progressive information on developments and new technologies..

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