How will autonomous cars affect you?

Autonomous cars – how will they affect you?

During yesterday’s article, we looked at the opportunities that are due to be presented at the MCAV event on the 27th June. Today we look further ahead, and explore how driverless cars could affect the British economy. As we (excitedly!) imagine a version of Britain after the driverless revolution, we can start to think about the impact on the businesses of Britain after traditional automobiles and roads are replaced.

The disabled community

One of the main reasons that some of the disabled community are unemployed, is there lack of access to transport. Autonomous vehicles will enable people with disabilities to travel around easily, enabling them to access education and employment freely. It has been estimated that 1 million people will be given the opportunity to gain work, with average earnings improved by £8,500 per year.



The efficiency of autonomous vehicles will eliminate congestion. Employees will turn up to work promptly, feeling less stressed having relaxed on the way to work. As a result, productivity will be enhanced. No longer will managers receive phone calls from employees stuck in traffic, turning up late for work (nor will that be an excuse!)


Working whilst travelling

Not only will employees arrive on time, but efficiency will also be improved as people work within the autonomous vehicles. Utilising modern technology, travellers can check emails and work within the driverless cars without having to concentrate on the traffic in front of them. Staff won’t spend time checking emails as they arrive at work, they will arrive completely up to speed with recent developments and news.


No car parks

Driverless vehicles could remove the need for car parks as they constantly travel around the UK taking consumers from A to B. This will generate a mass of new space around cities. This can be used for new offices, parks, homes – the options are endless! Furthermore, car parking tickets and offences will also be eliminated.


Life in the suburbs

One key reason why people choose not to live in the suburbs, is the difficulty when travelling into cities. A UK connected by autonomous vehicles resolves this problem meaning that the suburbs could become more popular. House prices will rise as demand increases, and Britain as a nation will be better connected.


Car meetings

As workers travel around the nation, technology can be used to host online meetings, and this allows work to continue even when employees are in transit. This enhances productivity and allows workers to complete tasks quicker! Geography in general will become less of an issue for business relations, enabling different types of businesses to expand their operations.



The number of cases bought before the British courts is large and businesses waiting for their case often have to wait around for hours. When we switch to driverless vehicles, time will be saved as traffic-related offences will be taken off the list of cases.


Police resources

Resourcing is a major concern for police forces around the UK. One of the most frustrating parts of the police force’s job must be tracking traffic offences whilst working in vans and checking cameras. Further time is then spent chasing the offenders, and writing out notices / taking the case to court. In addition, traffic criminals who drive without insurance, etc., adds to the workload. Driverless cars will reduce the need for police resources to be spent on these matters, saving money for the economy and freeing up police time.


Car accidents

Traffic accidents result in traffic disruption, costs to the NHS and deaths. Driverless vehicles will be programmed to eliminate traffic accidents saving the NHS time and money. The misery saved for families everywhere will be priceless.


Public houses

One of the industries greatly affected by the recent recession was the pub industry. Little profit is made by the pint and this has meant that many pubs have had to close in recent years. Driverless vehicles will mean customers no longer need to worry about driving home after an evening out, which will help boost the industry as people stay out longer, spending more money. Pubs can help create close, harmonious communities as people socialise more.


Autonomous cars mean enhanced productivity and efficiency for almost every business within the UK. It is impossible to quantify the amount of money that this will bring to the UK economy! When driverless cars arrive, it is vital that you think about the impact on your business, and how you can make the most of the changes the driverless revolution will bring.


By Neil Phipps

Photo by Jaguar MENA



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